Welcome to Fortune IT Institute. Where Freelancer are Created

Digital Media and IT skills are always in demand in this fast paced and global industry which offers a wide range of job opportunities.Yes we also talking about famous outsoursing freelancing career.
Fortune it institute is a private provider of IT education sector in bangladesh.
Study at home or at work We help you to be a skilled IT professional and increase your value to employers.our services help you to find employment or even to start your own business.
Don’t be afraid to Dream–Learn–Succeed.
Course materials are relevant and career-focused, developed by industry experts. So you enjoy learning career skills quickly and more easily than you thought .

We also deliver quality distance education at our accredited and affordable online career training school, and teach you the skills you need in your new career.
Don’t let the disruptions of COVID-19 put your future on hold. With our courses offered through Remote Learning, you can be on your way right now. Learn from home with the structure and support of our teachers and staff every step of the way using world-class platforms.
Our commitment is to serve our student communities by providing training that is current, hands-on, and relevant to the needs of industries seeking IT professionals, as well as organizations seeking training for their workers.

Learn-Certify-Earn.these the key word for the success that we provide for you.

Our world class Mentor

With combined experience of over 20 years in the industry, we at #Fortune It Institute help students, leaders, IT and design pros, project managers—anyone in any role—develop web development, creative, and business skills. The mentors at #Fortune It Institute is well trained. Our senior trainers have a vast experience of teaching as well as hand on experience. We expect our trainers to resolve student’s queries on the spot and help them become professionals.

Our Vision

  • Overcome the barriers to make skill development outsourcing education & training available for any age and gender with high earning prospects to bring financial improvement to lives.
  • Overcome the challenges towards youth unemployment with a successful presence in the local job market and several freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour , etc by contributing online earn money in Bangladesh being self-employed.

Our Mission

  • Be the state-of-the-art solution provider for developing a digitalized nation.
  • Be the best career consultation organization
  • Be a world-class skill development training service provider
  • Be the unique one-stop outsourcing support & solution provider.
  • Be an efficient education/training provider to ensure quality and cost-saving
  • Overcome the unemployment challenges